Williams Bookstore COVID-19 Updates

Can I still order textbooks? Will I get books that I’ve ordered?
With Governor Baker’s announcement on March 23, 2020, The Williams Bookstore is now closed to the public. We anticipate being able to re-open mid-day May 18, contingent on the status of the Covid-19 outbreak. Students can still purchase books through the bookstore website. If you need to use your student ID for the purchase, please call 413.458.8071, or contact bookstore manager Richard Simpson. The store will email you as soon as your order arrives, and they’ll ship the books to you at no charge.

What do I do with my textbooks?
We know that having your textbooks and course materials will be important as we move into remote instruction. As you pack your materials, please think about what is necessary for you to take so that you may leave room for the books that you need. If you are an aided student, we can help in paying for or defraying the cost of overweight baggage.

I rented textbooks from the bookstore. Can I take them home? 
Students who rented books for this semester should send their books back to the store by May 25, 2020. You’ll receive email reminders as usual. You’ll also find options to print a shipping label or convert your rental to a purchase when you log on to your rental profile.